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Our Club Difference

Some people join gyms; our clients join a community.

Lifesport is not your typical gym; we are a functional fitness health club bringing the best in functional training together with a fully equipped cardio zone, strength and conditioning zone and club extras to make your time with us truly exceptional.

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What is the Lifesport Difference?

Expert Coaches, Team Training, Small Numbers, Amazing Results.

Lifesport is all about training hard, getting results, living life and moving strong. If you’re serious about results and are ready to work hard and play hard – then our community is for you.

Train with us and achieve results in a way not possible with traditional gyms. Our Team, Small Group and Personal Training Programs offer the best in Functional fitness training, ensuring a strong, injury free body for life.  You’ll never get sick of your training, because we won’t let you. You’ll be coached to get the best results of your life.



Our coaches care as much about your results as you do. Whether it’s body transforming fat loss, strength and conditioning gains or injury rehab, our coaches will work with you to ensure your program delivers.

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We know you’re busy, that’s why our training programs focus on getting the most out of you at every moment – making every movement count, is what sets us apart from the rest. Working with MYZONE ®  Lifesport can offer you the ability to track and monitor your fitness and training, by making movement measurable. Every movement, every repetition is measurable making sure you get the best real time feedback for your training commitment.

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Club Culture

There’s a reason why we’ve been in the fitness industry since 1993, our club culture has stood the test of time and has kept our clients not only healthy and fighting fit, but happy and connected to a social community that’s so much more than just a gym. Don’t take our word for it though,

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