Team Training

The unique structure of our team training sessions…

Allows you to maximise your workout and take full advantage of our expert coaching team.

Lifesport delivers Functional Fitness Training based on the best training methods straight from the US.

We work closely with our partners in the US to deliver you the most advanced programs to increase your functional strength, reduce injuries and boost your metabolism. Our training methods are THE BEST fat loss workouts available.

Training in a team of 10-20 our sessions includes 4 training zones, taking you through 1. dynamic warmup, 2. strength, core & power development, 3. metabolic conditioning and 4. active recovery all delivered in dynamic, FUN and highly motivating team training session.

Our sessions are suitable for the first time client through to the seasoned athlete as all sessions are scalable for your current fitness and health needs. On enrolling in our program we will assess your functional movement and fitness before suggesting a training schedule for you.

You’re going to love that:

  • Our Team Training sessions are results focused, supportive and motivating
  • Every session challenges you, we won’t let you plateau or get bored – that’s our coaching guarantee
  • It’s about training as a team with the encouragement of your coach and the support of the team
  • You can achieve amazing results – whether it’s fitness, fat loss, body condition or general well-being.


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